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ERIC® Patch NH0108

Issue Date: 01/28/2008

Versions: ERIC® ERIC 1.0.75 or ERIC 1.0.76

Condition: Production of proline aminopeptidase (PRO) has been shown to be a prominent characteristic of Neisseria species and Neisseria gonorrhoeae and are generally positive for PRO in the RapID NH System. Recently, PRO-negative N. gonorrhoeae (do not produce detectable amounts of PRO) have been reported in the United States. Most commercial systems, for the rapid identification N. gonorrhoeae, rely upon the production of PRO as a distinguishing characteristic.

Clinically significant numbers of PRO-negative strains of N. gonorrhoeae have been added to the RapID NH database resulting in increased ability for the identification of PRO -negative N. gonorrhoeae.

PRO-Negative N. gonorrhoeae will result in an probability overlap condition with Kingella kingae and will carry significant probability as the first choice. To resolve the overlap condition, N. gonorrhoeae can be easily distinguished from K. kingae by catalase/superoxol or growth on selective media.

Solution: A software patch ERIC PATCH NH0108 has been issued to update the RapID NH database. The patch will modify percentages for N. gonorrhoeae in the system to better support identification of PRO-negative strains of N. gonorrhoeae.


Download ERIC PATCH NH0108 to obtain the file ERICPATCH0108.Zip from Remel.

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Step 1. Copy the file,, to your computer. The file may be copied to any location, including your desktop. The file will contain both the self-extracting patch file and a copy of this set of instructions.

Step 2. Once copied to a location, open and extract all files, including ERICPATCH0108.exe. Double-click on the ERICPATCH0108.exe file to launch the patch. The Patch should be titled ERIC PATCH NH0108. Read the instructions on the screen and click "Next".

Step 3. You will be asked for the folder to which the file should be extracted. You must extract the files to the location on your computer containing ERIC.exe. Typically, ERIC is installed to the default location - C:\Program Files\Remel\ERIC. If you selected the ERIC default at install, click "Next". If this is NOT the folder you selected when installing ERIC, please supply the location of the ERIC.EXE file folder and then click "Next".

Step 4. The patch will connect to ERIC and display a dialog box. Click "Apply" to apply the patch. The patch will display a message "Patch successfully applied" when complete. Exit the patch.

Step 5. Launch ERIC. Go to the Icon Bar, select "Control Panel" and then select "Updates". The patch applied should be listed in the Upgrade/Patch list.

Further assistance: For additional assistance, contact Remel Technical Services.