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Remel is a world-class microbiology brand. As a trusted supplier of a broad range of high quality media and diagnostic products used in clinical, industrial, research, and academic laboratories, and backed by a team of service experts, we are dedicated to microbiology.

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ATCC® Licensed Derivative® Program

Remel Inc. has a license agreement with American Type Culture Collection (ATCC®) regarding the manufacture, marketing, and sale of quality control microbiology products that incorporate microorganisms derived from ATCC cultures. The license agreement confirms Remel’s participation in ATCC’s Licensed Derivative® Program and enables us to supply Quality Control microbiology products that incorporate organisms with identity, purity, and viability, which have been assured by ATCC. These include our market-leading Culti-Loops® and Quanti-Cult® product lines.

If you purchase quality control microbiology products from Remel, an authorized representative from your company must complete and submit an ATCC End User Agreement which includes commitments on the safe handling, usage, and disposal of products that contain licensed ATCC microorganisms ("Licensed Products"). The agreement must be completed to ensure uninterrupted delivery of Remel products containing licensed ATCC organisms. All products containing ATCC cultures shall be subject to an ATCC royalty fee.

Only Thermo Fisher Scientific entities are authorized to distribute Licensed Products manufactured by Remel. Specific questions or concerns can be addressed by contacting your Customer Service Representative at (800) 255-6730.