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Remel is a world-class microbiology brand. As a trusted supplier of a broad range of high quality media and diagnostic products used in clinical, industrial, research, and academic laboratories, and backed by a team of service experts, we are dedicated to microbiology.

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MSDS Document Receipt Registration Program

We are committed to providing you with exceptional customer service and technical support in order to exceed your expectations on a daily basis. Today we are taking steps to make it faster and easier for you to obtain our Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDSs). We understand these documents are critical to your organization, and we want to make the process of receiving them as timely and as simple as possible for you.

Beginning August 2008, a new system will be implemented that will allow us to automatically fax or e-mail MSDSs to you for new orders and on a routine basis, ensuring that we comply with industry regulations. We invite you to follow the registration steps below so that you are ready to take full advantage of the power that this new system offers. Please note that MSDSs will still be accessible online 24/7 via the support area of

To ensure that you are receiving all of the benefits associated with the new system when it goes live, it is vital that we have the correct information on file for your account. Please take a moment to sign up for our new MSDS program and establish a MSDS contact with us for your organization. This will ensure that when we launch our new system, you will immediately begin to receive the MSDSs you need. 

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Simply fill out the online form and hit submit.

Specific questions or concerns can be addressed by contacting your Customer Service Representative at (800) 255-6730.